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Our firm offers full service in different fields, in particular regarding the fulfillment of  tax compliance, dealing with accounting issues or representation with the courts as your tax lawyer. Furthermore, you will benefit from our highly qualified colleagues and our best-friends-network. Service is provided in English and German as well.

Tax and commercial law for SMEs and individuals

Regulatory requirements for citizens and businesses become more and more important. We take care of your financial statements and accounting system which provides you with a full overview of your business. This also applies to individuals with cash basis accounting. We support companies and individuals to understand the tax requirements which they need to comply to avoid fiscal disadvantages.

International Tax

Berlin is growing and changing constantly. Not only with regard to its culture but also as an attractive place for new international businesses. Whether you are establishing a new business in Germany or being seconded to Germany as an employee, we offer you support from a legal and tax perspective. We assist to establish a German Company or a permanent establishment, care about tax and administrative registration and render your accounting and tax advisory.   

Fiscal offenses

Fiscal authorities increase and improve their methods of control and investigation constantly. The downside is that this may lead to overreactions towards the tax payer which may influence fair tax proceedings. We fight for your rights and enforce them with all authorities and courts. Furthermore, we can support you when it comes to clarify tax relevant circumstances.

Legal Proceedings

Estimated 50 percent of all tax assessments by the fiscal authorities are incorrect. We offer to assess your tax case and enforce your rights at the respective fiscal courts.

Tax Memos and Tax Planning

Business decisions or private plannings often have substantial tax consequences. But despite many laws, regulations and administrative orders most questions can only be answered after an in-depths assessment of the underlying facts. It is important to review all possible actions in advance. We also assist to get the necessary legal certainty by way of an advanced ruling to the competent fiscal authority.

Supporting Tax Colleagues

The bigger the challenge, e.g. in a tax audit, the more important it can become for the current advisor and the client to receive advice from other tax and legal experts.